Elon Musk supposedly made Twitter right wing. Sherrod Brown is carpet-bombing it with fundraising ads.

Posted on Aug 6, 2023

Sen. Sherrod Brown is supposedly in the toughest re-election fight of his life (Buckeye Briefing hopes; Buckeye Briefing will see).

Of course, he’s eager to raise money– ideally small-dollar donations, online, because he can hit those donors up for money over, and over, and over and keep replenishing his campaign coffers.

What’s interesting, though, is Brown is carpet-bombing Twitter with fundraising ads. You know, Twitter… the platform that Elon Musk has supposedly made totally right-wing.

These Brown ads all appeared in sequence yesterday, broken up by only two to four posts from accounts that a targeted Twitter user follows.

One of two things is going on here. First, either Twitter has not moved remotely as far to the right as people think and it’s just a lefty online talking point because progressives are upset that the platform used to be heavily liberal-dominated and now it is approximately 1 percent less so. Second, Brown’s digital gurus are a bunch of morons who think dropping serious coin on a right-leaning platform is going to yield them any significant donations beyond their spend.

We’ll check the next campaign finance report and see how much Brown has been spending on Twitter ads. From appearances, it looks like a lot. And it might be a massive waste.