Vivek Ramaswamy’s Campaign Copies the Hard Left, Dubs Israel “Apartheid State”

Posted on Sep 12, 2023

Ohio native Vivek Ramaswamy grabbed a ton of attention at last month’s GOP presidential debate with his quips and anti-woke one-liners. However, as the campaign progresses, he seems to be getting himself into trouble with a key slice of the GOP primary electorate: Defenders of Israel.

Those come in a few forms, including evangelicals, conservative Jews, and national security hawks (though a lot of those have left the party, a la Bill Kristol). All seem likely to not take kindly to this:

This is hardly Vivek’s first anti-Semitism controversy. It’s not even his first anti-Semitism controversy this week.

He has taken what the Washington Free Beacon dubbed a “controversial” stance on aid to Israel (and then flip-flopped around on it like a 2008-era Mitt Romney). When he was called out for this, he demanded the Washington Free Beacon swap another reporter in for Alana Goodman, as the writer tasked with covering his campaign. Alana is, of course, Jewish. We hate to think that plays a part in Vivek’s desire to boot her off his beat. But it probably is a factor.

He also managed to get himself into quite the pickle yesterday, on the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. That’s because his New Hampshire campaign chairman is a 9/11 truther. And he hosted an event for Vivek right before the 9/11 anniversary. Again, this was all exposed by the Free Beacon.

Buckeye Briefing likes to be supportive of our home state Republicans, but Vivek has already made it impossible to be supportive of him. And we expect the worst is still yet to come.