The weird Jim Jordan meme the House Freedom Caucus apparently digs

Posted on Oct 19, 2023

Yesterday, we were tipped off to this particular bit of Internet hijinkery involving Jim Jordan and his failed bid to become Speaker. Notice who “liked” this meme.

Who is Tim Reitz? Glad you asked. Here’s his LinkedIn profile.

So, the Executive Director of the House Freedom Caucus– of which Jordan is a major member– thinks Jim Jordan joking about “wrestling” Republicans who won’t back him for Speaker is funny. In view of what the terms “Jim Jordan” and “wrestling” bring to mind for most people at this point, that’s an interesting take.

Or the alternative and more damning version is, the House Freedom Caucus’ Executive Director thinks that Jim Jordan pushing for ever more votes to elect him as Speaker is “just embarrassing”… “dude.” And that Jim Jordan is boneheaded enough to think the appropriate response to this after all the bullying that has occurred to-date is “wrestling them.”

What a total shitshow. Oh, and the rumor is that Jordan’s people have been actively lobbying against temporarily empowering Rep. McHenry as Speaker, which would enable the House to get something done.