JD Vance moves left: Biden FTC doing ‘pretty good job’

Posted on Feb 27, 2024

Sen. JD Vance will once again have conservatives rolling their eyes and scratching their heads by claiming that President Biden’s FTC, run by hipster antitrust diva Lina Khan, is doing a “pretty good job.”

The report of Vance’s comments comes via the Washington Examiner, which notes that Vance seems intent on breaking up Google “after its generative AI model mixed up the races of historical figures.” As stupid and comic as that was, Vance writing that “This matters far more than any other election integrity issue” seems just a tad over the top.

In addition, it is perhaps worth noting, since Vance seems unaware of the fact, that the current antitrust push against Google is actually being run out of the Department of Justice by Lina Khan’s fellow neo-Brandeisian traveler Jonathan Kanter. So he’s actually praising the wrong Biden official here, even if you buy his argument.

RedState had a good expose on Kanter here. DC Journal had another here.

Vance might want to read those pieces and take note of the fact that Khan’s focus is on Amazon, Kanter’s is on Google, before weighing in on his favorite Biden administration figures further. At this rate, he’s likely to start confusing EPA actions with those taken by the Department of Energy.