Biden continues to be “too busy” to visit East Palestine

Posted on Sep 5, 2023

We tried hard this Labor Day to ignore politics and have some well-deserved family, rest, and relaxation time. But it was impossible to miss this beauty from Joe Biden– and Ohioans should pay attention to it.

Indeed, there is a lot going on. Biden has had time in recent weeks to visit two swing states (Nevada and Pennsylvania, the latter of which he visited yesterday for a big Labor Day union rally event), one blue state (Hawaii), and one used-to-be-but-maybe-no-longer-is swing state (Florida). All of these swing states were either won by Biden, or lost by a relatively small margin (Florida: 3.4 points). Hawaii is of course deep blue. This leaves Ohio as the odd duck out; we used to be a swing state, but Biden lost here by just over 8 points. It’s pretty obvious what’s going on here; the President’s travel schedule isn’t being dictated by his supposed role as Empathizer-In-Chief or Comforter-In-Chief, it is being dictated by polling and a need to keep his donor base happy.

Another thing that underlines this: Biden has said he looks forward to meeting his seventh grandchild, who he refused to acknowledge until Maureen Dowd basically bullied him into agreeing to do it, someday, presumably when he has the time. I’m guessing if his granddaughter lived in Pennsylvania, or Arizona, or Georgia, or Michigan or Nevada, or maybe even Florida, Biden would have made his way to her home turf and squeezed in a visit to an ice cream parlor. But she lives in Arkansas, which he lost by close to 30 points.

Maybe that’s what made her mother improper Biden breeding material, as opposed to her mother’s apparent profession.

Politicians have to do what politicians have to do, but can we at least now dispense with the bull that Biden is supposedly so much more a nice guy than all the rest of them?