Ramaswamy tries to convince everyone he’s headed for a big result in Iowa. His campaign adviser is holed up in a hotel doing Zoom calls with farmers.

Posted on Jan 15, 2024

Here’s a fitting end to the Vivek Ramaswamy campaign. The guy who seems to have dabbled in misinformation (or is it disinformation) the whole way through is suggesting Iowa polls showing he’s going to tank in next week’s Iowa caucus are wrong:

Here’s the thing to know here. While Vivek is trying to suggest he’s going to crush it next week, his campaign adviser– Kathy Barnette, Steve Bannon’s choice to take on John Fetterman in 2022 (who knows, maybe that would have gone better than running Dr. Oz)– is holed up in a hotel in Iowa doing Zoom calls with Iowa farmers.

This is in part because Kathy is cold (apparently she’s wearing a puffer coat and a hat inside the hotel). But it appears it’s mostly because the Iowa farmers think the weather is too frigid to leave the house.

Vivek Ramaswamy’s adviser Kathy Barnette, the former Pennsylvania Senate candidate, bundled up in a puffer jacket and beanie, walked through a West Des Moines hotel lobby with a coffee on Friday. Despite Ramaswamy braving the roads to hold four events and comparing himself to George Washington fjording the Delaware, the in-person meetings she had scheduled with farmers had been moved to Zoom.

“They’re Iowans, and they didn’t want to drive in,” she said.

This would seem to portend very badly for Vivek, in particular, who– admittedly, by those supposedly lying polls– is at a meager 6.5 percent per RealClearPolitics’ Iowa polling average.

Perhaps it’s time to think about the next campaign… maybe something statewide…